Kenneth Gray, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Scenes of Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. The McEwan’s Brewery used to be here, but it is now demolished. It is shortly to be the new home for the Boroughmuir school, as well as the new Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop. A regeneration programme has seen the building of accommodation for students of Napier University, the Fountain Park leisure complex and Edinburgh Quay at Lochrin. It is the current state of Fountainbridge that interests me most – derelict buildings alongside new ones, empty spaces next to office blocks, a leisure complex next to a school. It is an area in transition.

artifical grass, fountainbridge

derelict building, fountainbridge

Disused building, Fountainbridge

Empty space, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Fountainbridge hoarding

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Gambado, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Lochrin Basin, Fountainbridge

student flats, fountainbridge

Workman, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh


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