About The GGOP

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography was set up in 2015 by a group of
Glasgow photographers with the plans to create a new gallery dedicated to
photography in Glasgow.
A space where people can go to see photography from local
photographers as well as international work.
A space where photographers and people interested in photography
can go and get a coffee and hang out and read photography books and
magazines, A gallery that is open to everyone who wishes to exhibit
their work.

This plan is some way off, so in the mean time we want to try and
create awareness of the project by giving photographers an outlet
to show there work free of charge and publish it in an online magazine.
Photographers will also be able to submit their work and have it exhibted
in our online gallery.

We will also be running online competitions to help raise money towards
the gallery and holding other photography events that everyone can get
involved in.

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