The Golden Skull Awards

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is proud to announce that in conjunction with the Howling Wolf Film Festival we are sponsoring and taking part in the Golden Skull Film Awards. You can enter the film awards below and win one of these amazing trophies seen above. Continue reading The Golden Skull Awards

Ireneusz Luty, Sydney

City de Noir City de Noir assembles a suite of black and white images that focus on presenting intimate moments extracted from the urban environment. Through this, the selection draws attention to and captures both fleeting moments and particular contexts that might represent the unseen and overlooked life within the city of Sydney. Evocatively produced within the constraints of black and white, pictures employ long-exposure … Continue reading Ireneusz Luty, Sydney

Andrew Mellor, Blackpool

On the Fringe   Prior to the arrival of the tourist industry, the population of Benidorm numbered only 3,000 and its main economy was fishing. In the early 1950s the industry started declining. Faced with an economic struggle the town council approved the ‘Plan General de Ordinacion’, employing all the town’s resources into tourism. A mass building programme was orchestrated to accommodate for the influx … Continue reading Andrew Mellor, Blackpool