Christopher Swan, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow’s riverside has undergone a massive programme of regeneration in the last 10-20 years. The industry has gone, the docks have been infilled and the Clyde is now a place of entertainment and leisure rather than work. The Clyde of today is characterised by cinemas, casinos, concert venues, museums and acres of car parks. The buildings themselves are a series of shiny baubles designed by starchitects and collected magpie-like by Glasgow City Council. None of them appear to have any relationship to each other in terms of form – UFO’s jostle for space with Armadillos – nor do they have any relationship to their place. This project which will attempt to find the common language shared between them. Valencia has Santiago Calatrava’s white buildings… Glasgow now appears to have an incredible range of grey buildings.

Dear Grey 11

Dear Grey 12

Dear Grey 13

Dear Grey 14

Dear Grey 15

Dear Grey 16

Dear Grey 17

Dear Grey 18

Dear Grey 19

Dear Grey 20


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